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Letter from the Transport Minister

Illegal Ride Sharing (click here)

The Queensland Taxi Industry has been in a battle with the intrusion of an international “ride share” organisation known as Uber. All around the world Uber has been disrupting traditional taxi markets without due recognition of existing legislation or laws of the land that may be in place.
Illegal ride-sharing apps represent a significant threat to on-demand passenger transport in Queensland and KG Taxi Management is committed to ensuring illegal enterprises like Uber are not allowed to continue their operation in Queensland. We are confident that we will see a positive outcome this year. Please be assured there is significant work being done with the Government to assist our Industry.

In the meantime, provide the very best service possible to your passengers by:

• Keeping our cabs clean
• Ensuring our drivers are neatly presented in their Black & White Cabs uniform
• Proceeding promptly and directly to each booking upon acceptance
• Offering all customers a friendly greeting
• Assisting our passengers with their luggage and groceries
• Charging the correct fare
• Thanking our passengers for their custom each time they exit our cabs and promoting our own booking app and phone number at an appropriate time during the journey

Did you know…?

In 2014 KG Taxi Management donated two Ford Falcons to charity.

Kids Under Cover (click here to take a look)

Kids Under Cover works to prevent youth homelessness by building homes and providing scholarships and mentors to at risk young people. To assist with the important work that KUC undertakes within the community KG Taxi Management have committed to donate two cars. The first car will be put to the hammer at auction on Monday 18 August 2014.

This is just one example of the significant collaboration that the Queensland Taxi Industry undertakes with all manner of community groups. Sadly, much of this work has occurred unseen over the decades resulting in the industry failing to receive the accolades it so deserves. We are determined to ensure that this legacy is changed and that the Queensland Taxi Industry receives full recognition for all of its hard work and community service.

For more information on Kids Under Cover go to