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Website Testing

If you are reading this then you are one of the lucky drivers to be testing out our brand new site. We will rely heavily on your feedback to further develop and spread the word on this initiative.

Please use the site to its full capacity and make a list of things (good or bad) and submit your feedback to the taxi office. Or better still, why don’t you use the feedback option on this site!

Thank you.

Ride Share Apps

Over the past five months the Queensland Taxi Industry has been in a battle with the
intrusion of an international “ride share” organisation known as Uber. All around the
world Uber has been disrupting traditional taxi markets without due recognition of
existing legislation or laws of the land that may be in place.
Illegal ride-sharing apps represent a significant threat to on-demand passenger
transport in Queensland and KG Taxi Management is committed to ensuring illegal
enterprises like Uber are not allowed to continue their operation in Queensland.
On behalf of KG Taxi Management I would like to ask for your support with
respect to illegal ride-sharing apps by signing an e-petition against these
The e-petition requests the following:
“Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House that ridesharing apps are
refusing to meet existing Queensland Government regulations and ignoring
Government directions to stop their illegal operations. People that drive for these
rideshare apps do not undergo regular criminal background checks and their private
cars do not meet the safety guidelines of taxis or offer appropriate insurance. This is
putting the safety of Queenslanders at risk and damaging the small businesses
across the State that operate taxi services which meet safety guidelines.”
To show your support for the Queensland Taxi Industry and the tens of thousands of small
businesses that are either directly or indirectly reliant upon it, please sign the e-petition:
We have a computer set up and ready to use for your convenience.
Thank you

Uber e petition doc